Peter Piper Pizza Buffet Hours for 2024

At Peter Piper Pizza, the buffet operates from Monday to Friday, 11 am to 2 pm, offering a wide array of unlimited pizza, salad, and pasta. Diving into their detailed menu, guests can indulge in a plethora of pizza flavors, ranging from classic pepperoni to gourmet vegetarian options, ensuring there’s a slice for every palate. For those with dietary restrictions, gluten-free choices are readily available. Beyond pizza, the buffet features fresh salads with homemade dressings, a variety of pasta dishes, and a tempting dessert selection to round off the meal. For a standout experience, try their signature spicy pepperoni pizza or the rich, creamy pasta Alfredo.

Peter Piper Pizza boasts multiple locations, each designed to cater to families and groups looking for a fun dining experience. Each venue is strategically positioned to be easily accessible, ensuring no one misses out on the fun. The restaurants are known not just for their food but for their vibrant, family-friendly atmosphere, making them a popular choice for birthdays and celebrations.

What sets Peter Piper Pizza apart is not only their extensive buffet but also the amenities they offer. Each location features an array of arcade games and play areas, making it a paradise for children and a relaxing retreat for parents. The combination of delicious food and entertainment options makes it a unique venue that caters to all ages.

To ensure you don’t miss out on the fun, here’s a comprehensive table of their buffet hours for the entire week:

DayOpening HoursClosing Hours
Monday11 am2 pm
Tuesday11 am2 pm
Wednesday11 am2 pm
Thursday11 am2 pm
Friday11 am2 pm

Please note that while the buffet may not be available on weekends, the regular menu and entertainment options continue to be accessible, ensuring that any day is a good day to visit Peter Piper Pizza.

Peter Piper Pizza Buffet Operating Hours

Peter Piper Pizza’s buffet is open from Monday to Friday, serving unlimited pizza, salad, and pasta from 11am to 2pm. This Lunch Buffet is the perfect spot for you if you’re scouting for a place that offers a variety of tasty options to satisfy your midday hunger. You won’t need to worry about running out of choices or leaving hungry, as the buffet line is constantly replenished with fresh, hot dishes.

For those planning to visit in groups, or if you simply prefer to secure your spot before arriving, making a reservation is a wise move. It guarantees that you and your companions have a seamless dining experience without the hassle of waiting for a table. Whether it’s a family outing, a meet-up with friends, or a casual business lunch, Peter Piper Pizza accommodates everyone looking for a delightful and affordable meal option.

Given its convenience and the broad selection offered, the buffet stands out as an excellent value. It’s not just about eating all the pizza you can; it’s about enjoying a range of dishes that cater to various tastes and preferences, all under one roof, from Monday to Friday.

Peter Piper Pizza Menu Overview

Unlimited Pizza Selection in Peter Piper Pizza

At Peter Piper Pizza, you’re not just limited to one or two pizza flavors; you can enjoy a wide variety during the lunch buffet. They make their dough fresh daily, ensuring that each slice of your unlimited pizza selection is as good as the last.

Plus, with gluten-free and vegetarian options, along with kid-friendly choices, everyone in your group can customize their plate to their liking.

Variety of Flavors

Why settle for just one flavor when you can explore a wide variety of pizza tastes during the buffet hours at Peter Piper Pizza?

With freshly made dough daily, you’re in for a delicious experience that includes not just classic options but also gluten-free and vegetarian choices.

Whether you’re planning a fresh new Birthday Party or simply craving an array of flavors, the unlimited pizza selection caters to everyone.

Kid-friendly options guarantee young guests aren’t left out, making it a perfect stop for family outings.

Plus, with unlimited refills of pizza slices during lunch buffet hours, everyone gets to savor their favorites as much as they like.

Plunge into the diversity of flavors and make your mealtime an adventure.

Customization Options

Building on the variety of flavors, you’ll also find that customization is a breeze with the unlimited pizza selection at Peter Piper Pizza buffet.

You can choose from a variety of pizza flavors, ensuring there’s something for everyone. The pizzas are made with freshly prepared dough daily, elevating the taste experience.

If you have specific dietary needs, you’re in luck! Gluten-free and vegetarian options are readily available, ensuring everyone can indulge. Kid-friendly choices mean even the little ones will leave happy.

And, with unlimited refills on pizza slices during lunch buffet hours, you won’t leave hungry. Don’t forget to call ahead and make a reservation to guarantee your spot at this customizable pizza paradise.

Fresh Salad Offerings in Peter Piper Pizza

Moving on to our fresh salad offerings, you’ll find a variety of greens that cater to every taste, ensuring you can start your meal with a healthy kick.

Our dressing selections are all homemade, giving you the freedom to tailor your salad to your liking.

Plus, with an array of healthy additions options, you can pack your plate with nutrients without compromising on flavor.

Variety of Greens

At Peter Piper Pizza, you’ll find our salad bar brimming with a variety of greens such as romaine, spinach, arugula, and mixed lettuce, offering you the perfect base to customize your fresh salad. Our salad bar doesn’t just stop at greens; it includes toppings like cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, carrots, and bell peppers. All these ingredients are farm-fresh, ensuring that every bite is bursting with quality and freshness.

Available during our weekday lunch buffet, you can easily create a healthy and delicious side dish that complements your meal. Remember, while we’re focusing on the greens and toppings here, our in-house made dressings are a tale for another time, ready to dress your creation to perfection.

Dressing Selections

Plunge into a world of flavor with Peter Piper Pizza’s diverse selection of house-made dressings, crafted to complement our farm-fresh salad ingredients perfectly. You’ve got a range of options to customize your salad experience, from classic choices like ranch and balsamic vinaigrette to unique flavors such as honey mustard and citrus vinaigrette.

These dressing selections are available at the salad bar during our lunch buffet, allowing you to create the perfect salad combination. They add a burst of flavor to your salad, enhancing your overall dining experience at Peter Piper Pizza. So, don’t shy away from experimenting with different combinations to find your favorite. It’s all about making your salad just right for you.

Healthy Additions Options

Building on the variety offered by our house-made dressings, Peter Piper Pizza’s fresh salad offerings provide a perfect balance of taste and nutrition to your meal. Here’s what you can look forward to:

  1. A variety of farm-fresh ingredients that make each salad vibrant and flavorful.
  2. The option to customize your salad with a selection of toppings and dressings, ensuring a healthy and delicious choice.
  3. Availability during the lunch buffet, allowing you to complement your pizza and pasta dishes with something invigorating and nutritious.
  4. A range of options from classic garden salads to adventurous combinations, catering to diverse preferences.

Whether you prefer a light side salad or a hearty main dish, our salads are the perfect accompaniment. Don’t forget to contact your location for the freshest options at the NEAREST PETER PIPER.

Peter Piper Pizza Delectable Dessert Choices

You’ll find your sweet escape with Peter Piper Pizza’s selection of freshly baked desserts and ice cream, perfect for wrapping up your meal. Indulge in a variety of sweet treats that cater to all ages, ensuring everyone leaves with a smile. Whether you’re in the mood for something decadently chocolate or prefer the light, fruity flavors, there’s something to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Enjoy the in-house made decadent desserts that promise a perfect ending to your dining experience. From the warm, oozing chocolate brownies to the classic, comforting slices of apple pie, each dessert is crafted to offer a burst of flavor with every bite. Don’t forget to visit the ice cream station, a hit among kids and adults alike, where you can treat yourself to an array of flavors and toppings.

Completing your meal with any of these indulgent and delicious dessert offerings on the menu isn’t just a treat—it’s an experience. At Peter Piper Pizza, every bite of dessert is a reminder of the joy and satisfaction that come with sharing sweet treats with friends and family.

Updated Menu Highlights

Diving into the updated menu at Peter Piper Pizza, you’ll find a range of new pizza flavors, fresh salads, and tempting desserts that cater to all tastes. Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Variety of Pizza Flavors: Whether you’re in the mood for a classic pepperoni or something more adventurous, there’s a pizza for you. Plus, with unlimited pizza refills during the weekday lunch buffet, you can try them all.
  2. Freshly Made Salads: The salad bar isn’t just an afterthought. With farm-fresh ingredients and in-house dressings, it’s a destination for those seeking a healthy, flavorful option.
  3. Delectable Desserts: From freshly baked goodies to an ice cream station, your sweet tooth will thank you. It’s the perfect way to round off your meal.
  4. Comprehensive Dining Experience: The full menu offers detailed pricing, special offers, promotions, and allergy information, making it easy to plan your visit.

Peter Piper Pizza Online Ordering Guide

After enjoying a delightful dessert, it’s time to learn how you can order your next meal from Peter Piper Pizza without stepping foot outside your home. While online ordering might be the pinnacle of convenience, it’s currently off the table at Peter Piper Pizza. But don’t worry; there’s still a super easy way to get your pizza fix from the comfort of your couch. Here’s how:

  1. Call Us to Place Your Order: Simply pick up the phone and give your local Peter Piper Pizza a ring. Don’t forget to have your menu favorites in mind!
  2. Stay Updated: Contact the restaurant directly to get the latest updates on ordering options. Things might change, and online ordering could become available.
  3. Check for Future Availability: Keep an eye out for when online ordering might make its grand debut. It’s worth waiting for!
  4. Find Your Nearest Location: Before you call, make sure you’re reaching out to the right branch. Knowing your nearest location helps streamline your ordering process.

Although online ordering isn’t an option right now, calling in is a breeze. Plus, it gives you a chance to ask any questions about the menu. Happy ordering!

Reservation Information for Peter Piper Pizza

Are you planning a group outing and want to avoid the hassle of waiting for a table at Peter Piper Pizza? Making a reservation could be your best move. By contacting your nearest Peter Piper Pizza location, you can inquire about reservation availability for your group. This step is especially important during busy times when the restaurant is bustling with families and parties.

Reservations aren’t just a convenience; they’re a key to guarantee you’ve got seating locked down for your party, letting you bypass the dreaded wait times. It’s all about planning ahead to secure that stress-free dining experience. By having a reservation, you and your group can walk in knowing your table is ready and waiting for you.

To stay on top of reservation policies and procedures, it’s vital to reach out to the restaurant directly. Each location might’ve its own set of rules or availability, so it’s essential to learn the specifics from the source. Don’t leave your dining plans to chance; a quick call can make all the difference in ensuring your visit to Peter Piper Pizza is as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the weekday lunch buffet hours at Peter Piper Pizza?

Peter Piper Pizza offers an all-you-can-eat weekday lunch buffet from Monday to Friday, 11am to 2pm. During these hours, you can enjoy unlimited handcrafted pizza, fresh salads, appetizers and desserts.

Is the lunch buffet available on weekends at Peter Piper Pizza?

No, the all-you-can-eat buffet at Peter Piper Pizza is only available on weekdays, Monday through Friday. On weekends, you can still order their delicious pizzas, wings, salads and more from the regular menu.

What is included in the Peter Piper Pizza weekday lunch buffet?

The weekday lunch buffet at Peter Piper Pizza features a wide variety of items, including unlimited handcrafted pizzas with your favorite toppings, a fresh salad bar, tasty appetizers, and delectable desserts. There’s something for everyone to enjoy!

How much does the weekday lunch buffet cost at Peter Piper Pizza?

The all-you-can-eat weekday lunch buffet at Peter Piper Pizza is very affordably priced at just $9.99 per person. This is an excellent value considering the unlimited access to their delicious buffet offerings.

Are there any deals or discounts available for the Peter Piper Pizza lunch buffet?

Yes, Peter Piper Pizza sometimes offers deals and discounts for their weekday lunch buffet. For example, they currently have a coupon for $1 off the adult lunch buffet price, valid Monday-Friday 11am-2pm. Check their website or your local store for any current promotions.

Can I request a specific pizza to be added to the buffet?

Absolutely! If you have a favorite pizza that you’d like to see on the buffet, just ask one of the friendly staff members at Peter Piper Pizza. They’ll be happy to place your requested pizza on the buffet for you and other guests to enjoy.

Is the Peter Piper Pizza buffet available on holidays?

The availability of Peter Piper Pizza’s weekday lunch buffet on holidays may vary by location. It’s best to contact your local Peter Piper Pizza restaurant directly to inquire about their holiday hours and buffet availability.

What precautions are being taken for the buffet during COVID-19?

Peter Piper Pizza is committed to the health and safety of their guests. They have implemented enhanced cleaning and sanitization protocols, including at the buffet. Staff are also wearing masks and gloves. You can check with your local restaurant for their specific COVID-19 precautions.

Is the salad bar included in the all-you-can-eat lunch buffet?

Yes, the salad bar is included as part of Peter Piper Pizza’s all-you-can-eat weekday lunch buffet. You can create your own fresh salad with their variety of ingredients and dressings.

Are there vegetarian options available on the Peter Piper Pizza lunch buffet?

Yes, Peter Piper Pizza offers vegetarian-friendly options on their weekday lunch buffet. These may include cheese pizza, veggie pizza, and salads. If you have specific dietary concerns, it’s always best to speak with a staff member.

Can I get the lunch buffet as a takeout option?

The all-you-can-eat lunch buffet at Peter Piper Pizza is only available for dine-in customers. However, you can still order their pizzas, salads, appetizers and desserts for takeout or delivery from their regular menu.

How Much Is the Peter Piper Pizza Buffet Near Phoenix Az?

You’re looking to find out the cost of the Peter Piper Pizza buffet near Phoenix, AZ, right? Well, you’re in luck! It’s priced at $9.99 for an all-you-can-eat lunch experience. Available on weekdays from 11 am to 2 pm, it’s a steal.

You’ll get to enjoy a variety of pizzas, salads, and desserts. Remember to check with the specific location for reservations to guarantee your group gets a spot during those hours.

Who Made Peter Piper Pizza?

Anthony M. Cavolo is the mastermind behind Peter Piper Pizza, kicking off the fun back in 1973 in Glendale, Arizona. He mixed a love for quality pizza with a dash of family entertainment, naming it after a catchy nursery rhyme.

Today, it’s a hit across the U.S. and Mexico, focusing on keeping both your belly and heart full. So, whenever you’re craving pizza and fun, you know where it all started.

Is Peter Piper Pizza Only in Arizona?

No, Peter Piper Pizza isn’t just in Arizona. Since its start in 1973, it’s spread far beyond its original Glendale location.

Now, you’ll find over 100 of these family-friendly spots across the United States and Mexico.

Does California Have Peter Piper Pizza?

Nope, you won’t find Peter Piper Pizza in California. They’re mainly in the Southwestern U.S., with the nearest spots in Arizona and Texas.

If you’re craving their pizza, you’d have to hit the road. They’ve got over 140 locations, but none in the Golden State.


So, you’ve got all the details on Peter Piper Pizza’s buffet hours, from the unlimited pizza selection and fresh salads to the mouth-watering desserts. You know how to order online and make reservations. Plus, you’re up to date with the latest menu offerings.

Isn’t it time to treat yourself to a feast? With everything laid out so clearly, there’s no reason to miss out. Head over to Peter Piper Pizza and indulge in a dining experience that promises variety and satisfaction.

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