Our Team

Peter Dills

Super greeter at the door and on our management team since 2000. Pete makes you feel so comfortable you won’t want to leave, ever.

Jean St. Juste

“Sweat Jean” has been with us since 1984, starting as a dishwasher and is now our head manager. A true American success story. Has the smile that never quits.

Armando Perez

“El Guapo” is our lead line cook and has been working it since 1992. He truly runs the show on the front line.

Cruz Robles

Pitmaster supreme and has been smoking our award winning “Q” since 1987. He’s our “Sauce Boss”. Cruz wears two hats because he also handles all of our maintenance. Our MVP.

Robin Salzer

“El Hefe”, our Boss, Founder, the real deal “Rib Guru” and “BBQ Dude”.

Francisco Bautista

“Pancho”, our lead bartender and mixologist since 1988. He’s a 3-Peat winner of the Pasadena Weekly’s Best Bartender Award.