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How Many Underdog Bbq Locations Are There?

As of now, Underdog BBQ stands out with its single location at 2714 W. Lake Rd, Erie, PA, but the story doesn't end here. This article delves deep into the current state and future prospects of Underdog BBQ, providing a comprehensive overview of its expansion plans, unique offerings, and how it's more than just a local BBQ joint.

Despite the challenges of operating a single location in a competitive market, Underdog BBQ is cooking up strategies for growth and reaching a wider audience through its online store that ships nationwide. One of the main hurdles for such an ambitious establishment is maintaining quality while scaling up. A possible solution is implementing stringent quality control measures and slowly expanding to ensure that each new location can maintain the high standards that customers have come to expect.

Rest assured, by the end of this article, you'll have a clearer understanding of how Underdog BBQ plans to overcome these challenges and solidify its place in the barbecue world.

The Birth of Underdog BBQ

Underdog BBQ's journey began in Erie, Pennsylvania, in 2019, when businessman Glenn Stearns decided to establish the restaurant for a reality TV show. This proof story isn't just about opening a new eatery; it's a affirmation to the power of daring dreams and the spirit of entrepreneurship. Imagine starting a business under the intense scrutiny of cameras, capturing every success and setback. That's the crucible in which Underdog BBQ was forged, embodying the very essence of an underdog story.

The restaurant's narrative took an intriguing turn when Ashley Messenger purchased Underdog BBQ from Stearns for $100. This acquisition wasn't merely a transaction; it represented a new chapter of empowerment and opportunity. As the new owner, Messenger embraced the underdog spirit, focusing on business growth and continuous improvement. This ethos has propelled Underdog BBQ beyond its initial novelty, transforming it into a symbol of resilience and ambition.

For those yearning for freedom, the tale of Underdog BBQ serves as inspiration. It's a reminder that from humble beginnings and against all odds, growth isn't just possible—it's achievable. The restaurant's journey from a reality show challenge to a thriving business epitomizes the essence of pursuing your dreams, no matter the obstacles.

Current Locations Explained

Currently, there's only one Underdog BBQ location, situated at 3040 W Lake Rd, Erie, PA, although it's set to relocate soon. This single beacon of savory delight has become a staple in Erie, not just for its mouth-watering barbecue but for its significant impact on the community. You've probably heard whispers of expansion plans, and yes, they're on the horizon. Underdog BBQ is gearing up to move to a new, undisclosed location nearby, promising to keep the spirit and flavors you love intact.

This change isn't just about a shift in scenery. It's a validation of the freedom to evolve and grow, reflecting the very essence of what Underdog BBQ stands for. While the details of the new location are hush-hush, rest assured, the commitment to serving up delicious barbecue and making a positive community impact remains unwavering. You can still relish their offerings at the current address, basking in the familiar ambiance that's become a second home to many.

National Shipping Options

Even if you're miles away from Erie, PA, you can still experience the taste of Underdog BBQ's beloved flavors through their national shipping options. The freedom to enjoy these delectable offerings from any corner of the country isn't just a guarantee to the brand's commitment to expanding its reach and sharing its unique barbecue experience with a wider audience.

By leveraging national shipping, Underdog BBQ taps into several key advantages:

  • Shipping benefits: Customers far and wide can savor their products, making geographical boundaries irrelevant.
  • Customer reach: This service greatly broadens their market, welcoming BBQ enthusiasts from all over the nation.
  • Online sales: An important tool for brand growth, allowing the business to flourish beyond its brick-and-mortar origins.
  • Brand growth: A broader customer base contributes to an increased brand presence and recognition across the country.

These elements collectively show that while Underdog BBQ maintains a single physical location, its spirit and flavors can be embraced nationwide. This strategic approach to online sales and shipping not only caters to the existing fan base but also attracts new customers, fostering an ever-expanding community of BBQ lovers.

Online Store Highlights

Thus into Underdog BBQ's online store to discover a wide range of merchandise, from stylish tees to cozy hoodies, perfect for any barbecue enthusiast. Whether you're in Erie, PA, or halfway across the world, you've got the freedom to wear your barbecue pride on your sleeve. The merchandise selection caters to all tastes, featuring best sellers like the Scrappy in the Streets Tee and the Pride of Erie Hoodie. They're not just items; they're a statement of resilience and community spirit.

Thus the online store, you'll find the process straightforward and liberating. With easy browsing, you're a few clicks away from snagging your new favorite wear. Plus, signing up for the newsletter thus you're always in the loop, getting the skinny on the latest drops, exclusive sales, and updates directly to your inbox.

Customer reviews highlight the quality and comfort of the apparel, reassuring you of your choices. It's about being part of a community that values hard work, scrappiness, and, of course, great barbecue. So, why wait? Step into the freedom of expressing your barbecue love and join the Underdog BBQ family today.

Customer Testimonials

After exploring the online store, let's hear directly from those who've experienced the magic of Underdog BBQ's offerings firsthand. Customers haven't only enjoyed the mouthwatering menu favorites but have also been captivated by the unique offerings that set Underdog BBQ apart from the rest. Here's what some of them had to say:

  • Carol Kosslow: 'Love UNDERDOG BBQ! Can't wait for the grand reopening!' Carol's anticipation speaks volumes about the quality and appeal of Underdog BBQ.
  • Ant Razzo: 'The best! Great food. Great atmosphere.' Ant highlights the overall experience, emphasizing both the culinary delights and the welcoming environment.
  • Shan Shan Barton: 'My dinner was great, the ribs are full of flavor, tender & juicy.' Shan Shan's review points to the exceptional taste and quality of Underdog BBQ's ribs, a clear menu favorite.
  • Allison Loch: 'We were able to try the Underdog BBQ truck at the Fairview fall fest and it was SO good!' Allison's experience with the BBQ truck underscores the brand's unique offerings, bringing the unforgettable taste of Underdog BBQ to local events.

These testimonials showcase the freedom to enjoy unparalleled flavors and moments at Underdog BBQ, where every meal is an adventure in taste and atmosphere.

Future Expansion Plans

You may wonder what's next for Underdog BBQ as they gear up for growth.

They're not just moving to a bigger spot in Erie, PA; they're setting the stage for more locations, exploring new partnerships, and outlining an ambitious expansion strategy.

Let's take a closer look at how they plan to broaden their reach and what this means for BBQ lovers.

Planned New Locations

Underdog BBQ's journey doesn't end with its current location; plans for future expansion are already in the works, signaling an exciting era of growth. You're part of this thrilling adventure, where freedom and flavor meet on the road to new horizons. Here's a sneak peek into what's cooking:

  • Expansion timeline: The move to a new, yet undisclosed spot, hints at a meticulously planned growth phase.
  • Location scouting: Proximity to the original Erie, PA location guarantees the soul of Underdog BBQ isn't lost.
  • Growth projections: This move is just the beginning, with more delicious developments on the horizon.
  • Market research: Strategic decisions, fueled by thorough analysis, promise to keep the brand thriving.

Stay tuned as Underdog BBQ sets sail on this bold journey, promising more freedom, flavor, and fire in every bite.

Expansion Strategy Overview

As Underdog BBQ embarks on its expansion journey, it is preparing to move to a new location that will focus on customization, catering, and franchising opportunities. This significant step involves acquiring the larger Perkins building and is not solely about acquiring space but also about realizing ambitious growth projections.

The renovation work for the new location is expected to last up to a year, demonstrating a strong commitment to enhancing not only the physical space but the overall customer experience. This dedication sets the stage for a future where Underdog BBQ evolves into more than just a place to visit. It envisions a thriving network of franchise opportunities, each offering a unique taste of freedom.

The inclusion of a bar in the expansion plans serves as the perfect complement, elevating the dining experience to ensure it remains nothing short of exceptional.

Partnership Opportunities Explored

Exploring partnership opportunities is a key strategy for Underdog BBQ's future expansion, aiming to extend its reach and enhance its brand. You're looking for freedom, and here's how Underdog BBQ plans to achieve that through:

  • Collaborative growth with like-minded businesses.
  • Potential partnerships that align with Underdog's vision.
  • Expansion to new locations to share the love of BBQ far and wide.
  • Strategic partnerships to bring unique offerings to more customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Owns Underdog Bbq?

You're wondering who's at the helm of Underdog BBQ?

That'd be Ashley Messenger, steering this ship into exciting waters with expansion plans and menu evolution.

Over a year ago, she took the reins for a mere $100 from Glenn Stearns, marking a new chapter.

It's your freedom to explore this evolving BBQ spot, where the spirit of change promises a unique adventure in every bite.

Plunge in and taste the revolution!

What Happened to Underdog BBQ From Undercover Billionaire?

Underdog BBQ's journey juggled jaw-dropping challenges, yet it's thriving through expansion and leaving a lasting impact on the community.

After appearing on Undercover Billionaire, it's not just about serving succulent smoked meats; it's about savoring freedom and fostering growth.

The shift towards a larger space paves the path for customization, catering, and even franchising, ensuring Underdog BBQ's resilience and commitment to improvement remain at the heart of its mission.

How Much Is Underdog BBQ Worth Today?

You're likely curious about Underdog BBQ's current worth, especially with their bold expansion strategies and the promising investment returns they hint at. Well, they're valued at a cool $385,000 today.

This certification isn't just a number; it's a confirmation of their growth, potential, and the freedom they're chasing in the culinary world. It's clear they're investing heavily, aiming to serve up success and financial freedom with every barbecue plate.

Who Is Ashley Messenger?

Ashley Messenger, the trailblazer who snapped up Underdog BBQ for a mere $100, now helms its destiny. With a rich legal background and a knack for public speaking, she's not just any owner; she's a beacon of freedom for entrepreneurs everywhere.

Her bold move to acquire a new spot for expansion speaks volumes. She embodies the spirit of seizing opportunities, making her a fascinating figure in the culinary and business worlds.


You've seen how Underdog BBQ started from humble beginnings, now standing strong with its single flagship location in Erie, PA.

Their national shipping and online store guarantee you're never too far from a taste of their renowned BBQ.

Imagine a couple in California, hosting a barbecue party with Underdog's sauces and rubs, showcasing the brand's far-reaching influence.

As they continue to grow and plan for expansion, Underdog BBQ is set to bring its unique flavors to more BBQ lovers nationwide.

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