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Pasadena CA is a foodie’s delight & Robins is here to serve you the best BBQ ever!

Enjoy Barbecue the real way with us. Step into the delectable world of smoked meat barbecued with apple & oak wood for hours to give you that lip smacking taste. Our recipe handed down by our forefathers is our strong suit & is loved by one & all.

We offer a special BBQ menu to cater to your taste & use only the best ingredients to keep up the high quality standard associated with us. Whether dining alone or with friends & family, we offer scrumptious delights with a varied selection of drinks to go with. Although we are particularly a specialized BBQ restaurant, the other offerings on our menu are also top class & completely rocking.

We organize various BBQ events here at BBQ restaurants Los Angeles to let you have the best barbecue experiences.

Robin’s is the BBQ restaurant in LA which believes in giving you the wholesome experience of taste, aroma & sight. Enter in & get swayed in the BBQ charm.


Robin's BBQ