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Welcome to the world of authentic BBQ Los Angeles!

At Robins, we believe in no shortcuts only the authentic smoked meat for you to dig in. We serve delectable & mouth watering barbecue using only the finest of ingredients. Our recipe for the best BBQ in Los Angeles has been handed down from our forefathers.

We take pride in barbecuing the meat the real way with apple and oak wood and offer the best ribs in Los Angeles. Our special BBQ menu boasts of the lip smacking & legendary bodacious BBQ’s for you to choose from served with corn bread, coleslaw & your choice of one: baked beans, mac & cheese, hot fries, baked or garlic mashed potatoes, Cajun creamed corn or corn on the cob.

Start with green salads or yummy appetizers & end with sweet stuff, we have it all for you. Invite yourself in to the best BBQ diner in town & have a blast with family & friends.

Come and join us for the best barbecue experience in LA now. We are committed to serve you only the best.


Robin's BBQ