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Two things always go hand in hand- our mouth watering BBQ catering LA & our hospitality!

Our specialty lies in both our food & the way we serve it. This is why folks want us to cater for their special events.

We are always ready to bring out our BBQ catering gear & serve you & your loved ones the most meanest of ribs & smoked meat. Our BBQ preparation has been the same since our forefather’s time. We love to smoke the meat in Apple & Oak wood the real way.

No matter if it is our hot appetizers or homemade salads, legendary bodacious barbecues or big wood fire burgers, the deluxe sandwiches or sweet stuff; we offer the same excellence in all through our BBQ catering LA.

We know that every occasion from a picnic to a wedding or any corporate event is important for you, so we are here to make it a grand affair for you by serving delectable Barbecue catering Los Angeles.

Let’s take the grill masters & their BBQ out to cook a lip smacking feast for you.


Robin's BBQ